17 Big Fitness Mistakes To Avoid!
Fitness Mistakes to avoid

17 Big Fitness Mistakes To Avoid!

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What is going on? In this article I’m gonna be talking about 20 fitness mistakes that your friend needs to leave behind and not make again in 2021. So if you start to feel defensive about something.

I’m saying remember this is not about you. This is about your friend. So, don’t worry. Don’t worry Okay, let’s just get into these fitness mistakes because listen 20 21. So let’s talk about it. I’m just gonna go through this really fast. So keep up. Yeah, keep up.

Fitness Mistakes to avoid
Fitness Mistakes to avoid

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You got to keep up number one. You don’t have a cheat day in your schedule if you are doing my premium fitness schedule. I have a spot on the schedule for you to write down your cheat day. This is not a game do not try to be Rambo do not try to be a hero

Everybody needs a cheat day. The day where you go ham the day where you just do all the bad stuff that you want to hide from your personal trainer. If you do not have a cheat day. Scheduled this might be one of the reasons. It’s so hard for you to stay away from sweets. I have a cheat day Thursday’s usually my cheat day, and that’s the day that I look forward to every day of the week fitness mistake.

Mistake Number 2, you do not keep your basic exercise equipment in a visible place. Listen, my kettle bell is always visible I see it every day doesn’t mean I use it every day. But I see it every day.

My ankle weights my dumbbells, my exercise mat, my workout shoes & my treadmill all these things. They are in places where I see them every day if you don’t see your exercise stuff. Guess what? You’re never gonna use your fitness stuff. I’m sorry. Not you your friend mistake.

Mistake Number 3, your friend keeps avoiding planks anytime. She sees planks in a fitness plan. She just sits out. She doesn’t do it at all. Listen. It’s okay, if you can’t it’s okay. She can plank for only three seconds. It’s okay. She can plan for only five seconds, but she’s got to play.

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She has to do the planks. The planks are not Optional the plants are the thing that makes your waist net. The planks are the thing that makes your abs show the plants are the thing that support your back So that way you’re a grandma you can still be like a sexy grandma fitness mistake.

Mistake Number 4, she hates her fitness program she doesn’t want to do it. Listen If you hate your workout fine. And you work out that you like this is why I have over 200 workout videos on our instagram handle so that you can find a workout that you love and you want to repeat and you want to do and you wake up in the morning like I get to fitness workout actually nobody does that nobody wakes up in the morning like I get to work out this next mistake is one.

Mistake Number 5, That’s really gonna trigger your friend so I really need you to like hold her hand as I say this because It’s not very popular. It’s fast. It’s the truth. I’m gonna say it just one time. Here goes if your friend has 30 or more pounds to lose and she is out in the gym lifting heavy weights.

She’s making a massive mistake Weight/Fitness training is not bad anyone that has 30 or more pounds to lose is not a great candidate for lifting heavy weights in the gym if your friend is. In that situation she needs to focus on cleaning up her diet and doing body weight exercises Consistently in order to lose that weight. It’s all love and anything. I say I’m saying from a place of love mistake.

Mistake Number 6 She’s always on a diet. I’m not gonna say more than that Just don’t be constantly on a fitness diet mistake.

Mistake Number 7 not foam rolling. I have an entire fitness video actually It’s only available to my premium members, but you can start this anywhere online foam rolling is key if she’s not foam rolling Stop she needs to foam roll mistake.

Mistake Number 8 when it’s time to eat lean protein is a struggle if your friend is struggling to Get her fitness lean protein in that is a problem. Fatty protein is good Lean protein is good carbs are good fat is good.

Vegetables are good a little bit of everything is good Unless your doctor says not to eat certain things then in that case just ignore that point mistake.

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Mistake Number 9 is the all-or-nothing mindset. This is one that’s really huge that a lot of people struggle with They can’t work out because they ate cake last night just because you ate something that you feel you shouldn’t have eaten doesn’t mean you Shouldn’t work out just because you don’t have 30 minutes to work out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out even if it’s just Five minutes is better than no minute to do it.

It may not feel like the best but long-term you’re gonna be proud of yourself I struggled with that in the past you feel like if I didn’t do like the hardest workout like go hard for a long time That shouldn’t do anything but over time I haven’t matured I’ve grown I’m a better person now and I want your friends to be a better person, too.

Mistake number 10, is not wearing proper shoes. If the bottom of your shoes are like smooth. That’s a really good sign Nice time to get new shoes. I talked about this in a previous video.

I just got these new from Under Armor I don’t like them very much. So I’m gonna go find a new pair somebody recommended some sketches I’m gonna go to the sketcher store tomorrow to see if I can find something that I like But honestly you guys take care of your feet.

If you’ve been using the same workout shoes for seven years I’m sorry, if your friend has been using the same workout shoes for seven years Tell her to buy some new ones.

Mistake number 11, is taking too many supplements supplements are fun So I’m not gonna say don’t take supplements They’re fun But just make sure that you’re not overdoing it with the supplements because sometimes they can be a crutch.

Mistake number 12, is stretching at the beginning of workouts instead of stretching at the end If you’re doing my workouts, you’re already covered. You don’t have to think about that But just in case you’re not doing my workout and your friend sent this to you hi friend then you know tip for you.

Mistake number 13, doing hairstyles that stop you from working out you guys I Never thought this would happen to me, but it happened to me. There was a day I wanted to work out But I was like BAM. I cannot work out because of my hair my hair is Looking too cute to be doing sit-ups and crunches and I’m not sweating.

I’ve Done that I’ve done that or like my hair looks rough And so I’m just not in the good mood because my hair doesn’t look good and then so because I’m not in a good mood I’m not gonna work out ladies 2020 I’m so passionate about this one because guys I know how it is when your hair is not done You just don’t feel right So you don’t feel okay.

Mistake number 14, trying to flatten your abs and grow your booty at the same time I’m not gonna say more than that because I have another video where I rant about this so go watch that video.

Mistake number 15, you are comparing yourself to Internet models, don’t do it this don’t do it compare yourself to your grandma Your friend is trying to do all the most complicated Exercises when in reality usually it’s the super simple exercises that are the most effective You know, why because you know how to do them? So if you don’t know how to do the exercise and you’re like confused and you’re out here like trying to figure out where to put your leg the whole time instead of just doing the basic squat or

The basic plank we’re leaving that behind we’re not taking that into 2020 Not telling your friends and family what you’re doing trying to be fit in secret. This is a very challenging one actually.

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This one really depends on your family because some family members you tell them you’re trying to be healthy and then they start bringing you Burger King at Midnight. I have some family members like that. You’re blessed to have a supportive family then, you know, tell them what you’re doing Don’t be eating broccoli in the closet.

Next mistake, It’s focusing on only how you look and also how you feel I’m not gonna sit here and be like, oh, I don’t care how I look it’s all about the inner feeling That’s not true for me I care about how I look I care about how I feel I care about how I think I care about everything okay, so I get you guys if you’re like My stomach is looking funny or all my booty is looking weird or my thighs are doing this and my arms are doing that I’m not gonna sit here and tell you not to care about those things when I know that I care about it, too.

And you gotta also care about how you feel you keep checking your weight Every day Let me adjust myself because I I need to every day you be Every day, you’ll be checking your weight. I’m not against checking your way. I’m not saying throughout your scale but if it’s an addiction.

We’re not doing down in 2021 if it works for you do it if it doesn’t work for you if it’s making you crazy Let it go let it go let it go Why does every song end with who I Think I’m gonna write a blog post very soon about like different ways to track your progress.

Other than checking your weight I feel like this is something that would be helpful because a lot of us trainers these days It’s so trendy to say Oh throughout the scale. Stop checking your weight. But the truth is you need to feedback You need to know if you’re making progress, you know You can’t be out here doing all these burpees and squats and stuff and not know if it’s working speaking of blog posts CHECK OUR BLOGS.

BIGGEST FITNESS MISTAKE – You have no plan. Listen, if you have a goal you have no plan you are joking There’s no way the goal is gonna happen easy get a plan, especially if it’s for fitness, you need a plan So send a dm on insta (@fitnessfreakers58) to get your fitness program.


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