7 Greatest Tips On How You Can Get Rid of Dark Circles.

7 Greatest Tips On How You Can Get Rid of Dark Circles.

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So have you ever woken up and had dark circles under your eyes? Well in this article I’m gonna share with you 7 Pro tips on how you can get rid of dark circles.

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So you don’t miss any of my future articles a lot of people have dark circles because you can see their blood vessels in their eyelids and that’s either because they have more capillaries or the ones they have are thicker and larger and because the skin of the eyelid is the thin nesting the body.

You can see them more easily so my first tip is to shrink your blood vessels with caffeine caffeine acts as a diuretic to help get fluid out of your body but it also helps to constrict your blood vessels at least momentarily so drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of black tea can help.

Constrict your blood vessels and get the dark circles to be less apparent you can also try the moistened tea bag trick if you want because caffeine can also be absorbed through the skin that’s exactly why some medications and creams for dark circles have caffeine in them as an additive tip number two is to also treat eye allergies your eyelids and the blood vessels within the eyelids become inflamed very easily due to allergies allergic reactions are caused by a chemical called histamine.

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Histamine causes your blood vessels to dilate and start to release more fluid that fluid will accumulate and cause eye bags and although people often confuse eye bags with dark circles they are not the same thing but thankfully in this case the treatments are very similar to manage your allergies you can try over-the-counter oral antihistamines.

You can try topical antihistamine eye drops the branded eye drop called Pataday just became over-the-counter in many countries and is honestly one of the best eye drops for eye allergies.

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You can also try eyelid wipes specifically for allergies this is one from Ocusoft which is kind of like a wet wipe for the eyelids and an extra pro tip is that if you are a makeup wearer make sure to clean that makeup off before going to bed otherwise allergens can stick on to that makeup.

Then you’re just holding those right onto the eyelids overnight and even better yet just stop wearing eye makeup altogether because you are beautiful just the way you are tip number three is to do cold compresses just like icing your elbow or your knee after it’s been injured it’ll help reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and slow down fluid movement which causes the swelling

You can do cold compresses by using an eye mask like this one you can also just grab a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer or you can do the frozen spoon trick where you put a couple of spoons into the freezer and after a few hours then you can put the frozen spoon onto your eyelid and that’ll cool down the swelling hey are you getting value out of this Article if so smash that like button for me and leave a comment below of which one of these tips works the best for you otherwise

Let’s keep going another reason people get dark circles is because the skin on the eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body it’s about a half a millimeter thick and some people have thinner skin than others and to help with this honestly prevention is the most important so tip number four is to prevent skin damage by wearing UV light blocking pointment sand creams or wearing a hundred percent.

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