How To Get Massive Forearms In 2021?

How To Get Massive Forearms In 2021?

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What’s up guys? Today we’re going to use an old Baseball exercise.One that I used to use with one of the guys most famous for their Forearms in Baseball,Carlos Beltron, back with the New York Mets.

One thing that we did almost daily, and remember guys Forearm work you can do more frequently because we’re talking about postural muscles here that are used to firing all day long.

Forearms workout

We used to do it with a simple PVC pipe. You just took the PVC pipe out and we used a wider piece of PVC so you’d engage more of your grip strength as well. And basically we would hold the ends, or one guy would hold the ends, in this case if it was me, I would hold the end and Carlos would grab in between and literally just keep rotating working his extensors of his Forearms or working the flexors of his Forearms, ok.

Depending upon what direction his was doing. Well we could do the same thing here. You don’t need to have a PVC pipe or even better you don’t need to have a partner. You just need a Barbell here.

Or you could use a bat if you’re a Baseball player. But the advantage of using a Barbell is that you get the added weight of the bar, 45 pounds. So you can see just from grabbing the bar that I’ve already engaged my Forearms, ok.

Big Forearms Workout
Big Forearms Workout

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So what you do is you get in this position here and all you do is let the bar hang and now you’re just trying to rotate it backwards. So you’re going to use the extensors of your left Forearms and then your right Forearm to rotate the bar backwards. And you’re going to do this for time. So all you do is just keep rotating back, doing this motion again, just like that, ok. But you’re doing it for time and you’ll see that your Forearms will start to burn pretty quickly. But that’s when you’re just starting to get going.

What you want to do is keep it going. So as that burn really starts to sink in, you want to ask yourself, how much you’re going to be able to tolerate. And in Carlos’ case, he kept going long after I could even hold the PVC pipe and that’s why he had such big strong Forearms.

So what you do is you keep twisting, you keep twisting until you can’t take it anymore. Usually it’s going to be a minute to a minute and a half if you’re really strong.

Forearms Workout Tips

Now without resting much, going to switch the grip around, now we’re going to work the flexors, the underside of our Forearm. And you’re going to do this now, so what you’retrying to do is again, this motion to rotate the bar. So in this position now you just keep rotating towards you, towards the camera trying to twist it.

Ok, so I’m spinning the bar in my hands, the bar is actually spinning in my hands. And I just keep it going and going again that intense burn really sets in.

There’s one last thing that you can do if you’re looking for even a bigger challenge, and you sort of use one side to spot the other or make it more difficult for the other.

So you can make it more resistance based and the thing is, you’re still going to work both flexors at the same time, or both extensors but you’re going to use a Switch Grip. So you’ve got one under, one over.

Now I’m going to try to turn this one down. So the left one is trying to turn the bar towards me. The right ones going to try to resist it by turning away.

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But again, flexor this way, flexor this way,the hands are facing opposite directions, so we’re good. So now when I try to turn down, I’m using this one to counteract to give me some more resistance.

And now it’s almost like, instead of doing this for time, you’re doing this more for repetitions because you really can’t get that many of them. So now I’m twisting at the same time, trying to simultaneously turn one in one direction and the other in the other direction.

You can see just after a couple rounds of that my Forearms are really blown up and again it’s pretty effective and it’s something you can do anywhere. If you don’t have a bar, like I said use a bat and the cool thing is you don’t need a partner.

Guys, this is Baseball based but at FITNESS FREAKERS we’re about training you like an Athlete, your whole body. If you’re looking for a way to develop, not just Forearm strength but impressive Athletic muscle throughout your whole body. In the meantime, if you found this article helpful, make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below and I’ll make more articles, just tell me what you guys want to see and I’ll make sure I do my best to get them to you in the days and weeks ahead. See you guys.


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